Broadband Deal in Driffield , Nafferton and Surrounding Areas.

If you are having issues with your current internet service provider; BT, Talk-Talk, PlusNet you may want to check out these deals or offers.

Please note: Prices are correct as of 27/02/2019 not all services are available to everyone in the Driffield area. Check on the links provided below to see if you can access their network.

Now TV Broadband (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Get NowTV Broadband for £25 a Month

This will provide you with a connection of UP TO 39mb/sec. The current fibre system installed in the Driffield and surrounding areas uses Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC ) and will take a normal telephone copper cable from the green boxes on your street to your house.

This connection is perfect for those users who require fast speeds and are going to be watching on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5, YouTube etc or Downloading a lot of files. This would suit a household where accessing emails, browsing the internet on websites such as Google, eBay and news and weather sites.

On a Budget/Don't need the fab Fibre?

If you would prefer an unlimited broadband package these two deals are currently on offer:

This is perfect for a household on a budget who want to watch online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon instant video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4od, Demand 5 and YouTube etc.

Get NowTV Unlimited Broadband £18 per month

Want faster Fibre?

If you would like to get a faster service (upto 80mb/sec) with an unlimited download usage then opt for the Super Fibre deal.

Get NowTV Super Fibre £30 per month

ADSL 2+ Broadband Modem and Wireless Router

Prices start from £15 (Configuration service is also available at an extra cost). If you are having issues with poor wireless signals, intermittent broadband connectivity please contact us for more information.

Satellite Freesat+ Recorder Box

Prices start from £50. Pause, rewind and record your favorite programs with no subscription charges just a one off payment, we can also provide second-hand sky digital recorders that you can add to your current sky subscription.

Youview Hard Drive Upgrade & Repairs

Prices start from £25. We can replace your hard drives from 320gb to 500gb or even 1TB. We can also repair corrupt software to huawei youview set to boxes such as DN370T stuck in recovery, or displaying waking up messages. Contact us for specific prices when upgrading your youview box's hard drive.

Laptop & Netbook screen repairs

Prices start from £50. We can replace your cracked laptop screens, repair the hinges to the laptop and also remedy flickering or dark laptop screens, please contact us for a quote.

Internet filtering services

Restrict internet access in the office or at home; Useful for restricting access to social networking sites, blocking adult content, blocking gambling sites (bingo, poker, fruit machines), block malware sites that can infect your network with viruses and related software (P.O.A)

Refurbished Laptop and Desktop Computers

We stock an ever changing range of laptops, desktop and tablet computers. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Prices start from just £30.

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